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Our orientation and long-term goal is developing comprehensive E-commerce technology services. From the day of foundation, company’s board of directors has determined all intensive strategies for long-term projects. Our main aim is to become the leading company in this field and be well integrated into international market.


In this time of development economics, along with integration and globalization between countries and territories, demands for foreign trade, commercial promotion, technology transfer is inevitable and become a vital factor. To meet the growing demand of customers, apply information technology and increase trading via online trading floor is indispensable. Foreseeing this trend, we have launched 2 e-commerce trading floors, including:

  1. www.mayxaydung.vn – domestic trading floor
  2. www.machinfo.com – international trading floor

Through E-commerce trading floors, enterprises of all sizes and from the whole world can easily provide information about their services and products to clients.

Minimize fee for customers, serve customers to the best, simplify payment methods and shorten distance is our mission.

Contact information:

E-commerce Department

Tel: (+84-4) 222 109 45/ 47

Website: www.vinacoma.vn or www.mayxaydung.vn